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Francesco Tamburella (English version)

Francesco_TamburellaFrancesco Tamburella is a Consultant and Administrator of public and private companies in various sectors: banking, insurance, health care, construction, retail, art and culture. With the advent of new information technologies he specialized in innovative applications that enhance marketing and communication strategies related to digitalization and multimedia. In partnership with consumer associations, Francesco specialized in monitoring critical issues and market contrasts with the aim to identify the “Consumer of Tomorrow”. He also pointed out ways to optimize customer service and prevent mistakes in losing market share. He designed the WOR – Web Opinion Reader – a data mining software for the evaluation of corporate reputation on the web; he organized the historical documentation of consumer archives, correspondence and disputes; he developed a system of analysis of critical issues related to business-consumer relations, defining a Sustainable and Reliable company profile in the context of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. Francesco is Founder and Chairman of Comitas, an Association for the defence of Microenterprises (comitas.it). Comitas arose from the desire of many micro-businesses to obtain justice and fight abuse of the market. He is Founder and President of the Codacons-Comitas Studies Centre (affidabilita.it), specialized in analysis, research and monitoring market trends and developments. He also created the Observatory of Environmental Compatibility for Cosmetics (dermok.it) of which he is currently President.

For years he has been engaged in the field of Cultural Heritage. He was Chairman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Committee on development of technologies to support the spread of Italian Culture in the world. He was a member of the Commission for Arts and Virtual Museums of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage. He is currently a consultant of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage for production systems and technologies for Culture and Marketing of Cultural Institutions. He was a lecturer in a postgraduate Master’s program in advanced training in Marketing and Communication. He also wrote books for the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and for Luiss University Press.

He was a member of three working groups of the Technical Committee for Intelligent Communities at the Agency for the digital Italy for the Prime Minister. Today he is CEO for ARTbid.it, a brand new project which provides business activities with the tools and skills you need to bet on culture, a lifesaver for the economy. He is also CEO for Markonet Srl (markonet.it), which organizes “to open all roads for the customer”.

With its subsidiary MKT121 Ltd. he has been restoring and managing the archaeological area of the Domitian Stadium, now known as Piazza Navona, (stadiodomiziano.com). This is a first example of an “operating grant” and a concrete example of an effective and fruitful collaboration between public and private sector.

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